The Addison
The Addison

The Addison

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This dickie features a white base with gray windowpane print and comes with two collars embellished with paisley silk.  This fabric is classic and versatile!  Our dickies are perfect to wear any time of the year--over a tank top or t-shirt for the warm summer months or layered over a moisture wicking base layer when the weather is cooler.

Our stock is always changing and fabrics can go in and out of stock very quickly. We will notify you if a fabric is no longer available.


2 Adjustable Detachable Collars

Collar 1- Gray Double V Design

Collar 2- Gray Paisley Silky Fabric through the Middle

Faux button down front looks just like traditional hunt shirt

Snaps on the dickie and the collars keep the collars in place and centered

100% Cotton