“Extraordinary performances are the result of countless hours spent perfecting one goal at a time – in order.”

Read this great article an be inspired in 2016 to strive for the next level:

The One Thing Judges Never Miss with Stephanie Lynn



No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. -Winston Churchill

Many people, like my husband (love you honey), always say “horses are TOO EXPENSIVE!” When you spend money on feed, saddles and farrier bills coupled with long hours cleaning stalls and walking to and from the barn in freezing temperatures, there have been times I have been tempted to believe him. Then I sat and thought about it and came up with 5 reasons my and hopefully your horse is worth the money and time you invest every day.

1.  HorseFit

Burn calories while enjoying yourself…yes please!  On average, riding a horse for an hour burns 300 calories.  This number can increase or decrease depending on the intensity and duration of your ride.  Not many gym programs are as enjoyable as spending time outside enjoying the day with your horse companion!  Also, don’t forget about those hours spent cleaning stalls and carrying water buckets–these activities build muscle and burn fat too!

2.  Think Positive!

The British Horse Society found this in a recent study:   “Horse riders are strongly motivated to take part in riding by the sense of well-being they gain from interacting with horses. This important positive psychological interaction with an animal occurs in a very few sports.”

3.  Strength Building

Who doesn’t want a smaller midsection??  Horse back riding is a fantastic way to trim down and strengthen your core muscles.  Riding requires balance and stability and because a horse is a unstable surface, it forces your muscles to work harder to keep you in place.  You can up the strength routine by dropping your stirrups, riding in 2 point or riding bareback to give yourself even more of a challenge.

4. De-Stresser

Life is fast paced and full of stressors.  Heading out to saddle up and ride is a relaxing way to let go of everyday worries and focus on the task at hand.  Whether you are taking a carefree trail ride or practicing for an upcoming show, an hour spent in the saddle is a great way to relax, enjoy nature and get away from the modern day technologies that crowd our lives.

5. Stay Sharp

Just like with any muscle in the body…our brains need a workout to stay young well into old age.  Studies show that mentally stimulating activities prevent memory loss and may even delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  Riding is a sport that requires constant thought as well as overcoming challenges, which will help our brains stay sharp no matter what our age.

You might have started reading thinking that you only owned a horse, when in reality you have a personal trainer, psychologist, hobby and most importantly a friend.  So go on out to the barn today and saddle up for your well being and the well being of your favorite horse friend!

He knows when you’re happy He knows when you’re comfortable He knows when you’re confident        And he always knows when you have carrots.                                                                           ~Author Unknown

Setting up at horse shows and talking with customers, we get a ton of questions about what judges are looking for in the clothing department and what is acceptable.  This inspired our new ‘Ask the Judge’ series to give more insight into what riders need to know to be more successful.  This week, we feature Charlene Carter who will be judging at the upcoming 2014 AQHA Novice East Championship show.  Charlene has traveled judging AQHA as well as many other breed association shows around the world.

1. When a rider comes into the ring, what are you the judge looking for in the rider’s overall appearance? Nice fitting clothes

2. What are some of your likes as well as dislikes in attire?  I don’t like the sparkles in English .

3. Many riders are moving towards coats with a sheen or a shine for the English, what are your thoughts on this?  A little sheen is ok, but not much.

4. How should a rider be dressed for the equitation classes? Shirt color, etc.  The white shirt is always great!

5. What sets your top rider apart from the rest of the class?  Top riders have great form, neatly dressed and communicate softly with their horses.

6. Do you prefer to see 1/4 to 1/8 inch of shirt sleeve at the end of the coat sleeve, or do you prefer a coat to go strait into the glove with no sleeve showing?  I do not like to see the sleeves showing.

7. Any pet peeves you have when judging the English class in general? I do not like seeing riders hang on their horses faces.

9. If you could give one piece of advice to hunt riders, what would it be?   Perfect practice, makes perfect!

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May 21

Good Read!

 Here is the link to a good, quick read on tips for the hunter under saddle rider!  Enjoy! //americashorsedaily.com/eight-smart-tips-for-hunter-under-saddle/#.U3zlilIU9dg  


Many of our customers wonder what is better…a dickie or a full hunt shirt? I have probably answered this question a hundred times as well as worn both to show in pretty extensively, so here is my answer to the question…

The answer…it is a preference thing. And that is why we sell both! There are pros on both sides as well as cons. Pros for a full hunt shirt: ~Classic…This is what we all grew up showing in so for many it is hard to change it up. Most people don’t like change and are used to showing in a full hunt shirt. ~Proper…A full hunt shirt has a proper look and feel about it. You are able to show the 1/4-1/2” of your shirt cuff outside the bottom of your coat sleeve. Although in many breed associations now a days, this look is less desirable. More are moving into the quiet look of your dark coat going nicely into your black glove with no white to break up your arm. ~Coats Optional…In those hot summer months when a hunt coat is optional or you are at a more casual show environment, you can wear your shirt only tucked into your breeches with a belt. This would not be a good idea if you were wearing a dickie! ~Comfort…The comfort of a good, custom made hunt coat is hard to beat!

Pros for a dickie: ~Cooler…A dickie can be worn over a tank, short sleeve or long sleeve shirt so you can dress according to the weather you are showing in. In the hot summer months, a dickie worn with a tank top under your coat is so nice and cool! ~Affordable…In many cases you can buy 2-3 dickies for the price of one hunt shirt. This allows you to spend less but have more options and change up your look in a more affordable fashion. ~Fun…If you are thinking about trying out a bolder collar design or a funky pattern for the first time, a dickie is a great way to take a step out from your norm, but not have a costly investment. ~Comfort…dickies are comfortable as well because of their versatility. They fit similar to a classic hunt shirt but you are able to choose what you want to wear under it.

Our motto is this…in reality, under your hunt coat only a few inches of your shirt or collar even show. Express yourself in that small area around your neck and set yourself apart in the show ring–whether you choose a traditional hunt shirt or a dickie.

So this summer I majorly slacked on updating our CCB blog because this little guy was born! Baby Owen is the new precious addition to our family.  He is the happiest baby!  Weighing 7 lbs and 19 3/4 in. long, he was born on June 30th.  Since he was born right in the midst of horse show season, i had to take a little break from shows to figure out life with 2!  But Owen has already made his appearance at 3 horse shows in his 3 months on earth!  He has even been for a visit at the Custom Collars Boutique Booth!  Big brother Camden has been a big helper to mom, loving to hold And talk to baby Owen.  Sweet boys!

We are so excited about our new full size tailored hunt shirts!  We have 5 finished and more on the way.  After many inquiries about full shirts and hunt coats at the shows we set up at in 2012, we decided to go for it and make a line of shirts to have in stock.  We chose fabrics with subtle patterns so our customers could branch out from the traditional pastel hunt shirt if they wanted to-but with something that was still affordable.  Our shirts, just like our dickies, come with 2 matching collars!  We have in stock sizes 4-14, and can make smaller or larger if needed.  Here is one of the new shirts:


Here are some of the patterns we are doing with our new full sized shirts:

Dec 20

2012 Recap

Merry Christmas!!  As we reflect on 2012 and what a great year it has been, we are also reminded it has been a great year selling hunt seat dickies and shirts for us as well!  Not only did I start out the new year with a baby boy…whew, but I also rode and qualified for some very big horse shows with my horse, Charlie.  Needless to say, my son Camden has spent his first year of life at more horse shows than most…and I have gotten less sleep than ever before…

In regards to the business, it has been a blast!  This year we stayed in TN, selling at AQHA and APHA shows.  We sold tons of merchandise as well as met some wonderful people along the way.  New friends are wearing our merchandise from many surrounding states and we couldn’t be more excited!  We also received excellent feedback from customers which has helped us so much.  We look forward to all of the full size shirts we are making for Spring 2013.

Have a wonderful New Year and thanks for stopping by!

Here is Camden outside Charlie’s stall at a horse show.  He had just discovered his feet…

In June, we set up shop at the TN State 4-H Show!  This show always brings back memories for both me and my mom from showing 4-H from 4th grade to senior year.  Every summer we would look forward to the 4-H shows more than any other because they were so fun.  It was a blast to watch some of the hunter events this year and even see one of our old horses being shown!!  Our table was a hit as well, as we sold many of our dickies to girls who planned to wear them that week.  It was fun to help our customers pick out the perfect color and design to match their horse and hunt coat.

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